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What Is Energy Healing?

The holistic practice of energy healing activates the subtle energy systems within the body in order to eradicate blockages, and enable the body to heal itself. There are several different types of energy healing, although they all work on the same principles.

Energy Healing therapy works on the principle that mental and physical health conditions occur if the energy flow in the body becomes blocked, stuck, or fails to flow properly. Those who practice energy healing therapies believe it’s possible to find healing and balance in the body by working with this energy either remotely or hands on.

 Healing Room Therapies.

Hello and welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Healing Room Therapies web site. 

My name is Ann Broad, and I am the founder and owner of Healing room therapies and Enchanted garden Crystals & Tarot.

I first qualified as a complementary therapist 25 years ago. Having practiced Aromatherapy and Reflexology for a number of years, I found myself more and more drawn to Energy Healing, and what it has to offer.  After my first session with a Crystal healer I was hooked, and this is what led me to train in the therapies that I offer today.

As a Holistic Practitioner I aim to treat the whole being of a person, and not just any specific areas that are causing problems. These problem areas can often arise due to blockages in the flow of energy, or stagnant trapped energy in other areas of your being, so it is important to treat all of these areas during a healing.



Energy healing is therapy used to promote healing of the etheric or energetic body that is present in all of us. This energetic body exists simultaneously with our physical body, with each having a direct effect on the other. Therefore, energy healing therapies may help us both mentally and spiritually, as well as physically. 

Some of the benefits of energy healing therapies include, but are not limited to:

Relief of stress and anxiety by balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Detecting and removing energy blocks which may be causing physical, mental and emotional stress

Pain relief

Balancing the Chakras for a smooth flow of energy

Complimenting all medical healing therapies and rehabilitation

Strengthening ones connection to the Divine

Aiding with decision making and being at peace with a situation

May increase intuition



A consultation will be taken before the start of your energy healing to make sure the healing is right for you, and that there are no contraindications.

During an energy healing or session clients may remain fully clothed and, if comfortable, will lay on their back on the treatment table. Clients are not required to do anything during a treatment session just to clear their mind, relax and enjoy.

Depending on the type of treatment or session being performed, and with your consent, the therapist may lay their hands/ crystals/tools gently on or around different areas of the body to channel the healing energy. 

Clients may have various experiences, ranging from feelings of warmth or tingling throughout the body, a sensation of floating or becoming very light, or the sensation of becoming very heavy and melding in to the treatment table. It is also common for clients to see colours or visions, have spontaneous muscle jolts, or even have an emotional release such as crying or giggling. Experiences will differ with every client, every time.      It is important to remember that regardless of your experiences, the energy is always working.


Following an energy healing session, clients are encouraged to remain as relaxed as possible. Sleep patterns may change, leaving the client either sleepy or energized. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy snacks can help balance energy levels. Journaling is also encouraged to keep track of your experiences that may occur following a session.



No energy healing therapy can be accepted as a replacement for any prescribed or necessary medical treatment and is a complimentary therapy. Energy healer therapists are not able to medically diagnose or treat any illness or condition.



Healing Room Therapies Energy Healing Treatments & Sessions

Crystal Healing 
Therapy Treatments

Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind. A crystal therapist will place healing crystals on or around a client to help unblock, focus and direct energy.

The belief behind crystal therapy is that individual Crystal stones  have the ability to communicate with the energy flow of the human body and help to realign the energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of the body and help it heal itself.  Specific Crystals are said to help to relieve specific ailments such as anxiety, depression and insomnia, or more physical ailments such as digestive problems. 

They have the ability to absorb and remove negative energy and also to recharge the body with positive energy. After a treatment people tend to feel relaxed and restored.





Reiki Seichem Healing 
& Violet Flame

Reiki Seichem is a combination of Reiki healing and Seichem healing. 

 Reiki is an ancient healing practice.  Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key and means “Universal energy”, “life force”, or “vitality”. Reiki transmits the elemental energy of the Earth.

 Seichem pronounced Say-keem transmits the elemental energies of Water, Fire, Air and Angelic Light of Spirit.

​Reik Seichem calls in the energies of the four elements (Usui) Reiki connected to the Earth energy of the Earth, Sakara (Fire), Sophi-el (Water) and Angelic Light (Air/ Ether). Due to this fact it is therefore said that Reiki Seichem works on a much deeper level using the elemental force using the elements and etheric connections. Reiki is powerful but when used together with Seichem will transform the energy to make it even more intense for a deeper transformation and healing potential.

Violet Flame is a unique and extremely powerful healing energy. It is a high frequency spiritual light that has the ability to transform negative energys to their higher vibration and remove them holding the ability to heal present and past traumas transcending both space and time.

For Anxiety & Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Deep relaxation, Increases awareness of one's soul purpose and connection to the Divine, Improves intuition, creativity, memory & learning, Promotes harmony & balance, Clears energy blockages and promotes natural balance between mind, body, and spirit.


Reiki Soul Aura 
Colour Healing

Often overlooked,  our Aura s the gateway to our Soul, and as such can often be holding on to deep seated trauma, anger and fear from our past. This session will help locate and remove any dull areas of negative and stagnant energy that are being held on to, causing us problems and emotional trauma. Once detached and eradicated from the Aura, the Aura can then be cleansed, healed and revitalized.

So what is our Aura?  A vibrant ray of colour composed of energy, that flows around all living things. Stemming from the Greek word for "Breeze" our Aura indicates our moods, emotions and overall feelings. This healing uses sound and colour.

Crystal Relaxation Session With Sound Bath

Crystal Healing Relaxation
Session with Sound Bath

This is fantastic for deep relaxation, releasing the body and mind of stress, anxiety and tension while aiding any sleep problems by re-balancing and restoring the body's whole energy flow and bringing about a natural state of calm and balance. 

With the use of crystals, singing bowls and positive affirmations we can open and clear the Chakras of any negative energy, working to bring them back to a safe vibrational level. Once open, The Chakras can then be cleared, balanced and re-energised before closing, and the Aura cleansed.






Chakra Reading 
& Balancing

Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channelling energy into the seven chakras. Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel. Chakra are spinning wheels of energy  that regulate the flow of energy throught our entire bodies. When we talk about treating chakras we are referring to treating your energetic body. The body is not only made up of the physical body, we have an energy that extends beyond our physical wellbeing.

When a chakra becomes ‘blocked’ by being what we refer to as underactive or overactive (too open) our being as a whole doesn’t balance, this can potentially lead to illness and/or emotional blocks. This can be caused by our environment, people we are connected to, our emotions, trauma and other things that impact on our lives.

We can end up feeling stuck, lost or disconnected and there are the opposite extremes too such as intense, needy or obsessed. These are all examples of how an imbalance in a chakra can manifest. 

Chakra balancing is the process of removing and clearing negative energy blockages from the 7 main chakras and restoring positive energy so the Chakras flow at a healthy rate leaving the body relaxed and restored, Using Crystals.

Angelic Healing

Invoking Angel energy to heal is extremely powerful  because, when called upon, the Angels will pour unconditional love and light into each person or situation. This can release fear, pain and trauma, and bring peace, trust and healing.

The Therapist will use an intuitive process to call upon the power of the Archangels and follow any instructions they may be given. This involves creating a sacred, safe, Angelic healing space.

You may experience some physical sensations such as tingling or heat whilst the Angelic energies work with/through you. This is perfectly normal. After the healing you should be left feeling lighter and brighter with a renewed sence of calm and wellbeing. ​



Guided Meditations

Meditation can bring you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. It can also be used to relax you and help you cope with stress by refocusing your attention on something calming. Meditation can help you learn to stay centred and hold inner peace.

Guided meditation is where the meditation is led by the voice of another person, it can be particularly beneficial to those just beginning meditation practice as the mind has a tendency to wander where it will and many of us find it easier to focus and relax when our minds aren't left completely to their own devices. My Guided meditations focus on the chakras & chakra healing. 

The 7 Chakras Guided meditation takes us through the 7 main chakras in a single session, clearing, balancing and re-energizing.

The Deep healing chakra meditations focus on a single chakra for each session and can be book individually or as a complete block of all the 8 Meditation sessions for a discount.

Guided Meditations are also available for group bookings, prices on request.


Tarot Reading

​The Tarot is a symbolic map of  the consciousness that encompasses our journey through life, both spiritually and practically.

A Tarot reading is the practice of divining wisdom and guidance through a specific spread (or layout) of Tarot cards.  The cards provide insight into the innermost truths of your higher self. 

The origin of the Tarot is unknown, but we do have documented references of Tarot card use back to fourteenth century Europe. The Tarot has been used as an oracle, in the basic form we know today, since the beginning of the seventeenth century.

I offer confidential face to face, in person readings, or distance readings via email.  You can chose from a basic 3 card reading, A full spread reading or a speciality reading. l also offer group bookings, great for gatherings such as Hen parties or corporate events.


Goddess Spirit Healing

​A Powerful energy healing for Women, awakening the healing Goddess energies of the Divine Feminine within to aid us in our everyday lives. 

This ia a Shamanic inspired Spirit healing, drawing down and working with the energies of the Tripple Moon Goddess to release old patterns from deep within and connecting with your very spirit. Using  Crystals, drum, bells and voice, connecting your spirit with the heart of the Goddess and opening your heart to receive her healing love, healing the body, emotions and mind and expanding your consciousness to a higher level.

Distance Or Remote Healings
 & Readings

Available for you, wherever you are in the world.

Distance or remote energy healing can take place across any distance. Healing energy is sent to a recipient remotely, exactly the same as if you were present in the room with  the therapist. since energy can be sent via thought, emotion, and intention. The healing energy directed  will positively affect the recipient. Distance healing sends energy healing to reach you no matter where you are. 

Distance Tarot reading is available via email.

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TUESDAY:  18:00 - 20:00

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THURSDAY: 18:00 - 20:00


SATURDAY: 08:00 - 16:00



All bookings by appointment only

Please call or email for further information or to make a booking


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Visit My Healing Room

Healing Room Therapies
Energy healing practice

Book an appointment and experience the relaxing, calm and peaceful environment of my healing room. Where you will find yourself surrounded by crystals, with the gentle sound or water, that I have collected from the Holy Chalice Well at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, flowing through the fountain in the background. What could be more magical or inviting!



Enchanted Garden Shop on Francis Rd in Leyton has now closed down, but you can still shop with me for all of your crystals, sage smudge sticks, incenses and lots more lovely items at

 Enchanted Garden Crystals

As I also understand that finding exactly the right crystal for you is an important part of the healing process and that is why many people need to feel that their crystal has a connection with them. This is obviously not so easy when shopping online as you don't get a chance to hold and see  the crystal before you buy, and feel if you have a connection to that particular crystal. This is why I am offering free crystal shopping bookings where you get the opportunity to come and view the crystals in person. For more information please click on the link above.



E-Gift vouchers make a fantastic gift for friends and loved ones. Ideal for Birthdays, Christmas, as a thank you, or just to show you care. They can be used for buying from Enchanted Garden Crystals, for or towards any of the energy healings with Healing room therapies or for or towards a Tarot reading. They are now available through our online booking link below.




I have sourced and stock a wide range of quality Energy healing  crystals that are available for sale from my on line shop (just click on the link above) I also stock a variety Sage Smudge sticks, Essential oils, Incense, singing bowls and lots of other lovely items.

 Viewings and shopping in person is also available at your Energy Healing or Tarot Reading booking, or by booking a free shopping appointment.

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